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5 Things to Look for in a Moving Company So You Pick the Right One

Planning a move brings with it lots of things to consider and decisions that need to be made. The most important being which moving company you will hire to help you relocate. Here are the top five things you should look for in one so you pick the right Calgary movers for your specific circumstances.

If you have a move coming up soon, you might be contemplating whether you can get by with the help of some friends and family or if hiring Calgary movers is the better route to take. While the former will certainly be a cheaper option, it also requires cajoling, coordinating, and most likely some heavy lifting on your part. 

But avoiding back-breaking work isn't the only benefit professional movers will provide. They will also take care of the logistics, moving supplies, reassembly, and make the whole day go a lot smoother. Freeing you up to focus on the other important tasks associated with the move that you need to accomplish, such as getting the keys from your realtor, performing a final walkthrough, and setting up cable and internet. 

If you've decided to make your life a whole lot easier by hiring a professional moving company in Calgary to help with your relocation, here are the top five things you need to consider before signing on the dotted line with one.

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5 Things to Look for in a Moving Company So You Pick the Right One

If you go onto Google and type "moving company near me" you're bound to get a bunch of results. But it pays to do a bit more research than just a simple Google search. While reviews and ratings are great barometers for initially narrowing down your search, you will want to do some deeper digging to make sure you pick the right moving company for you and your specific situation. 

That being said, here are the main five things you need to consider when sorting through moving companies in Calgary before ultimately choosing one for your relocation. 

1. Ask the people you trust for recommendations

Before the internet, word of mouth recommendations was the lifeblood of any good company. They did good work, people were satisfied with their service, and passed along their info to friends and family. You might think the Google reviews for a moving company are similar to word of mouth recommendations, but they actually come with a big caveat. You don't know who these people are and whether they're friends, family, or actually the employees of the moving company in question. This is why you need to take every review online with a grain of salt. 

On the other hand, you know your friends and family quite well and most likely trust their judgment. Most of them have probably moved in the past and can be a great starting point for gathering recommendations on moving companies. Ask them if they had a good experience, or if they would never use that moving company again because of issues such as hidden fees, tardiness, or damaged property. These insights from your friends and family can be invaluable, as the information they provide might not be something you can easily find online.

2. Strong online reviews

While it's good to be skeptical of online reviews, you don't have to be cynical. Now that you have a list of recommended moving companies in Calgary from your friends and family, you should head online and see what other people are saying about them. It's important to remember that people generally only leave reviews when they've either had a really good experience with a company or a really bad one. Both are important to your research.

You will want to see if there are any common complaints in the negative reviews. If a lot of people are complaining about unexpected fees, late movers, or lost and damaged property, then that's a sign of a bigger systemic issue with the moving company itself. Likewise, if lots of people are praising the moving company for similar things such as professional service, transparent pricing, and helping with moving supplies, then you know they're probably a good choice for your relocation needs.


3. Make sure they're licensed and insured

You may think that every moving company you come across online has the proper licensing and insurance in place. But in reality, anyone who has a cube van and a few warm bodies can call themselves movers. Only those moving companies which are licensed and insured are legally obligated to protect your things, which is why you should never use an unlicensed or uninsured mover. 

The best way to confirm the moving company you're considering hiring has the proper coverage is to call them and ask for copies of their policies. You will want to make sure the policies haven't lapsed and if the company is not forthcoming or receptive to the idea of providing you with the proper paperwork, that's a major red flag, and you should just move onto the next movers on your list.

4. Honest pricing

When you call a Calgary moving company to enquire about their rates, they should be able to give you a pretty good rough estimate of how much your relocation will cost. Just keep in mind that you're most likely receiving an estimate that is calculated on their base rate and additional costs or fees may apply. Ask the representative if they charge more to move heavy or large objects and if moving supplies such as blankets and mattress pads are included, or if there's an additional fee for them. 

If the moving company is hesitant to share their fee structure over the phone or seems to be vague or unaccommodating to your request, that's another red flag, and you should probably strike them from your list.


5. Make sure they can meet your specific needs

Every relocation is different and brings with it a set of specific circumstances. Because of this, you'll want to make sure the moving company you select can meet your specific needs and has experience with similar moves. You need to think about what the specific requirements of your move are and then ask the moving company you're considering the right questions. Some example questions you might ask include:

  • If the movers have the right size of truck to fit all your contents and furniture safely and if they can execute the move based on the physical requirements of your old and new properties.
  • If the moving company is able to provide additional moving/packing supplies, such as mattress pads, bubble wrap, and boxes. 
  • If the moving company can accommodate your request for a specific moving time so it fits into the window you have and if they can make assurances that the pickup and delivery dates will be convenient for you and fit into your schedule.

One final thing you need to consider and look out for is fly-by-night movers that might be operating in the city you're located in. Fortunately, moving fraud is relatively rare, but it does happen. If you cannot find any online presence for the movers you're considering hiring and they haven't been recommended by a close friend or family member, it's best you steer clear of them. By choosing a local mover who has a sterling reputation and proven track record in your city, you'll avoid having this costly and devastating situation happen to you.

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