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Four Helpful Tips When You Need Storage For Moving

Whether you’re moving a few blocks away, or across the country, here’s why incorporating a storage unit into your move might be a great idea. 

Whether you don’t have enough space at home, or you’re moving, hiring a temporary storage unit can have many great uses.

 The right storage container for your needs:

  • offers safe, cost-effective protection for your possessions
  • allows you to declutter your home for a faster, more efficient house sale
  • protects any valuables and sentimental family items

Being able to keep your belongings in a storage container can also make the move-in process less overwhelming, as you don't have to unpack everything at once. 

How Our Calgary-Based Movers Can Help With All Your Moving and Storage Needs

Our professional Calgary movers offer a wide range of relocation services including assembling/disassembling furniture, packing, and transport, to help get your belongings well organised for storage to save you time, hassle, and money.

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4 Helpful Tips When You Need Storage For Moving

Whatever your moving dilemma, incorporating a storage unit into your move is more seamless than you think. Here are the top four helpful tips to help you effectively acquire storage for moving:

1. Figure Out What Size Item You Need

When reserving a storage unit during your move, you want to make sure that it’s large enough for your belongings, but you also don’t want to pay for something that’s too big. Here are some simple guidelines:

5X5 FOOT UNIT: This is perfect if you’re looking to store small items, boxes, and books.

10X10 FOOT UNIT: This is ideal for people who are looking to store a one-bedroom home.

10 X 20 FOOT UNIT: A 10x20 foot unit is a great size if you’re looking to pack away a 3-4 bedroom home.  


2. Consider Climate Control

If you’re planning on storing artwork, electronics, photos, or anything else that may have some sentimental value for you, it’s important to determine whether you should reserve a storage unit that is climate-controlled.

To decide whether or not you require such a feature, take into consideration:

  • the duration you are keeping your belongings in storage
  • the time of year
  • what you will be storing

When it comes to moving and storage in Calgary, it's true that climate-controlled storage might be more costly. However, if you’re spending money to store your possessions in the first place, you want to make sure that they’re well-protected.

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3. Get The Proper Insurance

Despite the best precautions taken by a storage facility, there’s always the possibility of damage occurring to your property. Having the right insurance in place is just as important as picking the best container or selecting the right Calgary moving and storage team. Consider taking out a policy that will to protect against losses in situations such as:

  • theft
  • floods
  • fires
  • other unexpected events

TIP: If you have an existing homeowners or renters policy, check its limitations as many policies do not cover goods in storage.


4. Figure Out When You Need To Reserve Your Storage Unit

One of the best storage tips when moving is to START EARLY. As soon as you know you are relocating, go ahead and reserve a storage unit. This will allow you to:

  • start packing right away instead of waiting until the last minute
  • declutter your home so it sells fastee
  • pack up your apartment so you can thoroughly clean it

Reserving a storage unit early will give you a lot more space in your home when packing up the remainder of your things , keeping your space as welcoming and stress-free as possible.

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