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Top Tips for Moving Luxury or Heavy Furniture

Looking for the top tips on how to move luxury or heavy furniture? Our professional Calgary moving company has all the tricks of the trade that you need to know before moving your expensive or hefty furnishings so you can get the job done safely. 

Moving luxury or heavy furniture is no easy feat. For the former, there's great pressure involved so as to not damage what could be considered priceless family heirlooms or collector's items. For the latter, the challenge is more heft-based than anything else. But both items can be moved successfully and safely if you follow the advice given below.

Professional Luxury and Heavy Furniture Moving in Calgary

At Precision Movers, a leading local moving company, we offer moving and storage services for both luxury and heavy furniture relocations. From accurate and affordable moving quotes to packing and storage, we can meet all your relocation needs.

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Top Tips for Moving Luxury or Heavy Furniture

If you've got a move coming up which involves luxury or heavy furniture, then you already know the challenge at hand. How do you move the luxury items without damaging them, and how do you move the heavy items at all? Here are the top tips for moving both courtesy of our movers in Calgary.

Protect your fancy furnishings

When it comes to moving luxury furniture, the number one consideration is to be careful and protect the pieces as best as you can before moving day arrives. Moving pads or mattresses are extremely helpful and can be tied around your expensive furniture using sizeable bands. This will help protect the wood framing of your furniture should it unexpectedly get knocked into anything. For your upholstered luxury furniture, try buying professional shrink wrap to protect it. 


Lift high and low

One of the best tips when it comes to moving heavy furniture that is tall is utilizing the high and low technique. Tip the tall piece of furniture at an angle backwards, taking great care not to have it roll over to the side. Then have one person lift from the top end and the other person from the bottom end. This will help keep the furniture, with couches or dressers most often falling into this category, from getting out of control as you move it since it will be more centred. This tip is also really great for when it comes time to move the item up or down stairs.


Don't lift or carry, drag instead

If you've got really, really heavy furniture then you'll want to avoid carrying or lifting it. Instead, get yourself some plastic sliders, moving pads, or flattened cardboard and put them underneath the legs of the furniture. Then drag the heavy furniture till it can't be dragged anymore. This will help you avoid any back-breaking lifting or damaging dropping.

Bring in the pros

If you're looking to make your life even more easy when it comes to moving luxury or professional furniture, then there's only one surefire way to do so. And that's by hiring professional Calgary movers. The pros have all the equipment and tools it takes to easily move heavy or luxury furnishings. They're also licensed and insured, which means if anything ever happens to your fancy furniture then you'll be covered. But the odds of that happening are low, since they're professionals for a reason. If you need Calgary moving services for your luxury or heavy furniture, be sure to give Precision Movers a call today. 

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