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The Ultimate Moving Checklist to Make Your Move Stress-Free and Easy

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There's no way around it. Moving is stressful. But with this ultimate moving checklist from our professional Calgary movers, at least you'll make sure you get everything taken care of and done in time. 

Moving can be a daunting and overwhelming task. But with proper planning and guidance, your move can be as stress-free and smooth as possible. Who knows, you may even have a little time to relax and celebrate. Because moving into your dream home or apartment should be an enjoyable experience after all!

Check below to see our comprehensive eight-week checklist that will help make your move and everything that comes with it as easy as it can be.

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8 Weeks Before Moving

Yes, there is a lot of planning that goes into moving. But with our comprehensive checklist, you'll have everything covered! As with anything, it's always best to start early. Let's look at what you should be doing eight weeks before the big day arrives. 

  1. Make a digital folder where all your moving documents will reside (quotes, receipts, etc.)
  2. Get three in-home quotes from moving companies in Calgary
  3. Make a budget for all your moving expenses
  4. Review all the documents from the local moving company you've hired before signing on the dotted line
  5. If you work, request time off from your job for moving day (try to schedule your move on a Friday so you have the whole weekend to unpack and settle in!)
  6. Consider planning a garage sale to declutter before moving to your new place and donate anything you can't sell
  7. Make sure your movers have the proper insurance and licensing by requesting up to date copies of their policies


6 Weeks Before Moving

This is when you want to make sure everything is lining up nicely and nothing has been overlooked. If you are moving out of the city you're currently in, you may want to start scheduling some time to say goodbye to friends and family before things get any more hectic. Let's look at what else you need to do now. 

  1. Grab a bunch of free boxes from liquor or grocery stores and restaurants
  2. Look up some packing tips to make moving day a breeze
  3. Make sure you label all your moving boxes with stickers or a colour coded system that easily lets your movers know where they go
  4. Make a private inventory list with all your valuables written down so you know which boxes they're in
  5. Mark any boxes that contain fragile items so your movers are aware of them
  6. Use towels, t-shirts, socks, and linens as free packing materials
  7. Fix any minor deficiencies in your old home or apartment
  8. Measure all your doorways and stairs to make sure your furniture can easily make it through — disassemble anything that can't!
  9. Start packing items bit by bit, day by day, to make things easier

4 Weeks Before Moving

There's only one month to go! Make sure you have all the important documents you'll need at your new place. You'll also want to consider selling or donating some of your stuff so the move is easier and your new home doesn't instantly become cluttered.

  1. Consider purchasing moving insurance to further cover your belongings when in transit
  2. Make sure the moving truck has an easy place to park come the big day, both at your old place and the new one
  3. Use up any items you don't plan on packing or bringing with you, donate those you don't
  4. Make sure all your important legal, financial, and medical documents are in one secure place — don't forget about passports or birth certificates!
  5. Contact your home insurance company and let them know about your upcoming move and subsequent changes to your policies
  6. Schedule a time with the cable and internet company of your choosing so they can install everything the day you move to your new place


2 Weeks Before Moving

Moving day is coming closer and closer. You'll want to make sure all your accounts are updated with your new address and take further steps to ensure a smooth moving day takes place. With it being such a busy and hectic day, you'll want to get as much done as you can now before it arrives.

  1. Make a physical folder for all your moving-related documents and expenses as a backup of your digital one
  2. Get rid of any flammable, corrosive, or poisonous items still in your house
  3. Use up everything in your freezer and prepare two-weeks worth of meals so you aren't cooking the last little while before the move (you don't want to clean your stove or kitchen before leaving!)
  4. Give back everything you've borrowed over the years from your family, friends, and neighbours
  5. Use an external hard drive to backup your computer
  6. Take out all the light bulbs from the lamps you plan to move to your new place
  7. If you take any prescription medication, make sure you fill them up before moving
  8. Send out a moving announcement to your friends, family, and colleagues
  9. Update your address with your bank and any other financial institution you have accounts with — don't forget to do the same with your HR department at work!
  10. Make sure you forward all your mail to the new address
  11. Update your driver's license with a registry
  12. Contact the city to transfer all your utilities
  13. Change your address with any monthly subscription or delivery services such as Amazon
  14. Make sure your car insurance and registration are updated with your new address

Moving Week

There's only a week left to go! Make sure everything is organized and all your packing is finished. You'll also want to clean your old home thoroughly before moving, so you don't get stuck with a hefty cleaning bill from your old landlord or the new owners. Try and get as much accomplished before moving day arrives so it's as stress-free a day as possible.

  1. Donate any unopened and unperishable food you still have laying around
  2. Do a deep clean of your home so the new owner or resident doesn't have to — or charge you for getting it professionally done!
  3. Unplug your freezer and fridge the night before so they can defrost
  4. Drain any water hoses you have like the ones for your ice maker or washing machine
  5. Drain any lawn mowers, heaters, or grills of oil and gas
  6. Double-check that nothing is left hidden on shelves or the corners of your closets
  7. Get ready for your final walkthrough with your old landlord or the buyer's realtor — aren't you glad you already cleaned and fixed up those small problems!
  8. Put together a box with all the essentials you need to get through the first 24 hours in your new place (a change of clothes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.)
  9. Photograph your empty home or apartment to show it's in good condition to satisfy any damage deposit requirements or sale conditions
  10. Do a final clean to make your old place as nice as it can be — the new owners or person living there will thank you!


Moving Day

Everything has led up to this point. Your planning, preparation, and hard work over the last eight weeks are about to be rewarded with a smooth and stress-free move. But there are still a few things you'll want to do to make sure your moving day is as perfect as possible.

  1. Set a couple of alarms to make sure you get up nice and early for moving day
  2. Make sure you protect your floors and carpets with moving rugs or runners during the move
  3. Introduce yourself to your neighbours so you can start things off on the right foot!
  4. Head to the grocery store and stock up on food
  5. Make sure you thank your realtor for all their hard work when they hand off the keys to your beautiful new home
  6. Sit back, relax, and bask in the enjoyment that only a successful move into a new home can provide

Congratulations, you made it! But if this checklist wasn't exhaustive, we couldn't really call it 'ultimate' now could we?

Hopefully, the above steps and tips will help guide you through your upcoming move and make it as stress-free and easy as possible. And if you want to ensure you have a fantastic moving day experience, be sure to contact us today to find out more about how Precision Movers can safely and successfully relocate your belongings.

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